Technology in Education

Educating the Leaders of Tomorrow

studenttechTechnology has been entering all areas of education over the last decade. There are new tools in the classroom offering advanced student interaction. There are powerful data center systems providing the advanced data analytics for research. And reliable servers for student admission, digital registration, and online coursework.

Technology advances bringing an advantage to the institutions and students who are utilizing it. You can benefit from increased innovation and agility. There are several technology trends that are being widely adopted by the education sector:


Students, teachers, and administrators want to access their applications and data from their preferred device, from any place at any time. This is brought on by the mass adoption of consumer technologies. Across all industries, the mobile bring your own device (BYOD) movement has grown.

Teacher with technology

Leveraging mobile access can help you empower students to learn in a way that suits them best. You can provide your teachers with advanced tools to better educate your students. And you can empower your administrators to be more effective and productive.


Cloud allows you to deliver applications and technology solutions as a service. Cloud adoption does not necessarily mean moving your servers and storage offsite to public, shared cloud providers. In many cases, it means adopting a hybrid cloud approach that combines hosted and on-premise solutions.

Moving to a cloud delivery methodology can help you deliver more value to your users. It can also enable you to efficiently and effectively provide the mobile access to all members of your institution. It is an initiative that can allow for full and supplemental online coursework.

Big Data Analytics

Big-Data-Analytics-icon-Trinidad[1]Higher education has been invested in large research projects and grants for a long time. Major advances in high performance computing and big data analytics are enabling broader participation in these projects.

Computations on massive data sets that once took days are now being completed in minutes. And access to the systems to do this are no longer the exclusive domain of the wealthiest organizations.

Right now, there are research projects underway to improve healthcare and public health, better understand our planet, and to optimize cities through the use of big data analytics.

Who You Partner with Matters!

To deliver on the promises of this new technology, you need an infrastructure that is reliable and secure and can provide the performance you require. Over the last 20 years, the technology experts at MFSP have worked with educational organizations of all sizes to better use technology. Over that time, we have always believed that IBM provides the most advanced systems while remaining extremely reliable.

IBM Solutions: Reliability, Performance, and Value for Education

With over 100 years in the industry, IBM creates technology that is built on a track record of success. Security is also built into all layers of their equipment. They are also the manufacturer that created Watson, the computer with advanced machine learning that won on Jeopardy!

Industry-leading Servers

ibm-e880-power8-server-rack1[1]IBM Power Systems are built on the POWER8 processor. The POWER8 can process 4x the number of threads per core as a comparable, commodity x86 processor. That feature alone allows you to accomplish more with higher performance and fewer processors than competing technology.

IBM Power Systems are built to be extremely reliable. In many cases, they will keep on running for years. Scheduled maintenance updates, upgrades, and patches are not required as often as competing systems. This reduces your server management costs while delivering additional value. Combine the need for less servers, and this can end up saving you even more.

World-class Storage

IBM’s innovative storage solutions provide additional value. IBM is leading the way toward flash technology with the IBM FlashSystem. These systems are designed to take advantage of the advanced I/O and memory management of the POWER8 processor. With that integration, you could have 40TB of flash appear as available RAM, which can expand what you are able to accomplish with data intensive applications such as data analytics.


MFSP and IBM combine to bring educational institutions industry-leading solutions for today’s most demanding technology initiatives.
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