Technology for Finance

Technology for Finance

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The financial industry is more reliant on technology than ever before. Customers are looking for new ways to interact, particularly through their mobile devices. Data security and adhering to strict compliance requirements are critical with the increasing number of threats targeting the finance industry. Performance is crucial, as even milliseconds can be extremely costly.

At MFSP, we have worked closely with financial organizations of all sizes over the last 20 years. We understand your unique requirements and needs and provide solutions to meet them.


You cannot afford poor performance. While a slight lag in application or data access might be just an annoyance to some organizations, it can be devastating to organizations in the finance industry. If access to a mobile app or web portal is slow, you risk reputation damage or loss of customers.

If you perform trades, that same lag of just a couple of milliseconds could cost you thousands or millions of dollars. Any potential bottlenecks need to be eliminated.


security[1]Threats to your data are coming from all directions. Hackers have become increasingly sophisticated. It is no longer enough to simply keep your servers, firewalls, and network up to date. There are billions of events that need to be analyzed and interpreted to identify an attack. And this needs to be accomplished in as close to real-
time as possible to avoid major losses.

To remain compliant, you need to first protect your data. Regulations can require you to maintain data records that go back 7 years or more. As you capture more and more data, it is important to create a plan that addresses the potential storage growth.


If a lag in system performance can cause damage to your reputation, then downtime will absolutely destroy it. Clients are used to anytime, anywhere access to their data. They definitely will not tolerate any disruption to their most important data. It is important to build an infrastructure based on proven systems that do not go

IBM Solutions: Reliability and Performance

IBM has built innovative solutions that vastly outperform the industry. They are unsurpassed for their performance, reliability, security, and scalability.

Value for Education

Industry-leading Servers

ibm-e880-power8-server-rack1[1]IBM Power Systems are built on the POWER8 processor. The POWER8 can process 4x the number of threads per core as a comparable, commodity x86 processor. That feature alone allows you to accomplish more with higher performance and less processors than competing technology.

IBM Power Systems are built to be extremely reliable. In many cases, they will keep on running for years. Scheduled maintenance updates, upgrades, and patches are not required as often as competing systems. This reduces your server management costs while delivering additional value. Combine the need for less servers, and
this can end up saving you even more.

World-class Storage

IBM’s innovative storage solutions provide additional value. IBM is leading the way toward flash technology with the IBM FlashSystem. These systems are designed to take advantage of the advanced I/O and memory management of the POWER8 processor. With that integration, you could have 40TB of flash appear as available
RAM, which can expand what you are able to accomplish with data intensive applications such as data analytics.

When you pair IBM storage with the POWER8 processor, you can achieve real-time data compression and inline deduplication that can vastly reduce your overall storage footprint. The added processing power can also be utilized to implement encryption that can also enhance your overall security.

IBM WatsonAdvanced Cognitive Security

IBM is a leader in cognitive solutions that many know in the form of Watson. IBM brings that same intelligence to security. In near real time, IBM can analyze billions of data points, including logs, data flow, user behavior, data type, and more to detect anomalies.

The only way that you can stay on top of security threats is to implement a solution that learns about your data, your business, and your operations.



MFSP and IBM combine to bring financial institutions industry leading solutions for today’s most demanding technology initiatives.
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