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Saving Lives with the Use of Technology

Today, the use of technology is crucial to all industries. Possibly none more so than healthcare. In this industry, the use of technology can literally save lives while also reducing operational costs.


These solutions need to support multiple functions, including medical records, imaging, admitting patients, asset tracking, and big data analytics. Many of these solutions are designed to deliver data to the clinician at the point of patient care. More data than ever is being made available to improve patient care. It is coming from an electronic patient record, cross-referenced with pharmaceutical manufacturers, linked into clinical trials, and social media for data on lifestyle and behavior. To accomplish this, your underlying infrastructure needs to be able to perform. It also needs to be reliable, secure, and scalable.


patientcareAs your organization becomes more dependent on technology, that also brings along an intolerance for downtime. You simply cannot tolerate any downtime in your environment. Overall care suffers, productivity is lost, and your patient leakage can increase, damaging your bottom-line.


Every week, there seems to be another healthcare organization making unwanted headlines because of a data breach. This occurs at organizations of every size, not just the ones that you read about. It is important to think about security in every area of your environment, not just in point products such as firewalls or intrusion prevention systems.


Healthcare-Cloud-Drivers[1]Your infrastructure needs to be able to scale with the needs of your organization. As the demands on your use of technology increases, your systems need to scale with it. We work with multiple independent software vendors (ISVs) to ensure the solutions you implement are run on optimized hardware that can expand as you do.


Consider the needs of the new technology that healthcare organizations are looking to implement. Big data analytics, for example, can place a huge strain on your systems. Accessing and processing that much data can create bottlenecks in your environment. At the same time, mobile users have come to expect instant access to their applications and data from anywhere at any time.

Who You Partner with Matters!

It is important to work with a technology partner who understands the unique needs of the healthcare industry. Someone that can help you implement solutions from multiple ISVs. For the last 20 years, the technology experts at MFSP have worked with organizations spanning the entire healthcare landscape, gaining a wealth of experience along the way.

We work with many vendors and manufacturers. To meet the heavy demands of healthcare, we have partnered closely with IBM. To address the many areas of your IT environment, IBM can address your needs with solutions that include advanced Power Systems servers, industry-leading storage, and advanced security technologies.

IBM Solutions: Scalability, Performance, and Reliability for Healthcare

IBM offers some of the most advanced technology available. They are the company that created Watson Health, which is based on the same technology that won on Jeopardy! IBM’s initiatives in cognitive analytics, including Watson Health, are possible because of their advances in computing technology.


Industry-leading Servers

IBM Power Systems are built on the POWER8 processor. The POWER8 can process 4x the number of threads per core as a comparable, commodity x86 processor. That feature alone allows you to accomplish more with higher performance and fewer processors than competing technology. IBM Power Systems are built to be extremely reliable. In many cases, they will keep on running for years. Scheduled maintenance updates, upgrades, and patches are not required as often. This reduces your server management costs while delivering additional value. Combine the need for less servers, and this can end up saving you even more.

World-class Storage

IBM’s innovative storage solutions provide additional value. IBM is leading the way toward flash technology with the IBM FlashSystem. These systems are designed to take advantage of the advanced I/O and memory management of the POWER8 processor. With that integration, you could have 40TB of flash appear as available RAM, which can expand what you are able to accomplish with data intensive applications such as data analytics.


MFSP and IBM combine to bring industry-leading solutions for today’s most demanding technology initiatives.
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