Products and Services

Strategic IT Consulting and Services

From our industry-leading innovation center and data storage services, to network connectivity and the interconnected cloud, Mainframe provides a range of services for enterprises across a variety of industries. Let us help you gain a competitive edge by focusing on your core business and making profits.

IT Solutions & Services in Manhattan

Our certified technical engineers can develop custom solutions and assist your business in meeting your goals and maximizing your ROI in IT.

Custom Server System Solutions

A customized plan that fits with your company’s business practices and processes can reduce the threat of downtime while protecting your valuable assets. Besides the latest IBM hardware, MFSP offers the full lineup of IBM Power systems for System i, AIX, and Linux, as well as BladeCenter and PureFlex systems. Our other specializations include:

    • Creating dynamic solutions
    • Assessing server optimization strategies
    • Devising backup and recovery plans
    • Providing innovative technology solutions across leading server hardware and software products

Long-term Data Storage Solutions

We offer expertise in assessing your current server environment, as well as assistance for creating and executing a long-term roadmap for effective server optimization. Concentrating on the best products and best practices, we can help you focus on solutions such as:

    • Server and storage consolidation
    • Virtualization
    • Management
    • Design
    • Optimization

Virtualization Solutions for Growth and Minimal Downtime

Virtualizing your server, storage infrastructure allows you to have a more integrated IT environment. As an enterprise computing solution, virtualization is probably the most powerful strategy today for enabling end user organizations to:

    • Harvest significant savings
    • Accelerate the deployment of IT services
    • Maximize flexibility
    • Minimize downtime
    • Optimize the utilization of IT infrastructure resources

Managed IT Services & Real-time Monitoring

As a managed service provider, we offer the assurance of knowing your system is fully up to date, running with the latest and tested software patches directly from IBM. We offer:

    • OS Upgrade
    • PTF Upgrade
    • Firmware Updates
    • Migration

IBM PowerHA Installation & Maintenance Services 

IBM PowerHA is a complete system recovery and failover solution. Regardless of the outage, PowerHA offers assurance that your applications will keep running with no interruption in service. MFSP, Inc. team of certified PowerHA administrators will help you install, set up, test, and maintain your product.

Installation & Configuration IT Services

MFSP installation and configuration services cover every phase of a new Power system, BladeCenter, or PureFlex system. We install and configure:

    • Customized hardware, firmware, hypervisor, and software
    • HMC and VIOS
    • LPARs operating system