Our Website Just Underwent Constructive Digital Surgery

June 18, 2015

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But We’re Still the Same Mainframe Service Provider on the Inside

You may not recognize our new website when you see it because we have just undergone a digital make-over. It was time for a facelift, but don’t think we’re vain as a result. Despite our fresh new look, we still the hold the same values that our company was originally founded on. Our mission is still to provide the best-fit, customized technology solutions possible to meet the unique needs of our clients. We want to be the best tech provider in the industry, in both service and value, par none.

Along with our brand spanking new website, we have also delved into the world of social business!

Explore Our Social Universe

We have embraced the world of social and are now representing our great company on LinkedIn. Check us out, join our following, and sign up for our special offers club. We also offer up important updates on tech news. And there’s no spam allowed.

We want to share our love of technology and offer pertinent, game-changing IT info. We report on things that are big enough to affect your business and leave the mindless drivel out of the picture. Your time is valuable. Our time is valuable. We help you cut through to the heart of business-critical information to make better tech decisions for your company.

Our Partnerships with Clients

Although we have clients that prefer the one-and-done, churn-and-burn type of projects, we have built our 20-year-old tech business on nurturing long-term relationships. We do right by our clients because it’s the right thing to do, and that’s the key to our prosperous business model.

We Have the Tech Skills!

Our partnerships with industry-leading companies, like IBM, grant us access to the latest and greatest technologies as they hit the market. But we aren’t just a value-added reseller (VAR). We don’t just help design and implement world-class IT. We help companies gain a competitive edge in their industries through the optimization of technology.

Here are a few of our main attraction projects that we execute like a boss:

  • Virtualization and server growth and management
  • High availability solutions that mitigate the threat of downtime
  • IT monitoring and managed services
  • Installation and configuration of IT hardware and software

We invite you to check out our new fabulous good looks. We invite you to explore the ways we can help make your business better, stronger, more prepared for modern and future market shifts. In our hands, we hold the power to design ideal IT solutions that will optimize your operations and make your business purr with new found life.

Pay us a compliment and check out our new website!

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